As-salaam Alaikom,

For 34 years and counting, we've been guiding Muslim families to Hajj from all over the United States.

Riverside Haj has provided me the personal touch that was eye-opening for me. It enriched my spiritual experience tremendously...
I already told my friend and she grabbed her husband to look at your brochure...
The Jamarat and the place we where we live in Mina is like about a 100ft away...


Reasons you should register with Riverside Haj

First class service

With the best Airlines that give you a free night to rest before you reach Saudi Arabia

All necessities provided

Everything you need to perform your Haj is provided to you, such as Ihram clothes, handbags, hijab, Haj DVD, Mobile line and much more!

Excellent lectures

Educational lectures are given before Haj and during Haj, everyday

No hidden costs

Unlike other companies, you don't have to pay anything during your trip

5 Star Accommodations

Stay in top-notch accommodations and no change in quality during your entire stay

31 years experience

We have the references to prove our level of experience and quality of service from all over the United States