Here I am, O Allah! Here I am. Here I am, there is no partner unto You. Here I am, all praise and favours and sovereignty belongs to You, there is no partner unto You.

To help Moreno Valley Masjid, Omar Khattab of Riverside Haj Inc, is pleased to invite you to his annual Haj Trip

As Low As $10698

All new tax and municipality fees are included (no other hidden costs).

New York - Madinah - Jeddah - New York

Accommodations in All programs at 5 Star Hotels

Breakfast-Dinner are open buffet

Please register with us today, to reserve your seat


Regular Program From New York

Price Per Person Madinah Accomodations Makkah Accomodations
$10698.00 4 person per room/1 bath 4 person per room/1 bath
$11498.00 3 person per room/1 bath 3 person per room/1 bath
$12498.00 2 person per room/1 bath 2 person per room/1 bath

Haj Badal Program

Call us for more information!

Travelling from California or West Coast

Add $399.00 to the package price above.

Call us for other destinations in the U.S

All Haj Packages Include

  • Round Trip Airfare from New York on Egypt Air or Royal Jordanian or Saudi Air (For Emirates airline, there will be an extra charge of $289)
  • Accommodations in Madina at the best 5 star hotel Pullman ZamZam, close to the Haram with Breakfast and dinner (Open Buffet).
  • Accommodation in Makkah at the luxurious 5 star Movenpick Hajar close to the Haram. Breakfast and dinner are provided (Open Buffet).
  • Private Air Conditioned Buses during 5 days of Haj.
  • Private air conditioned tents in Mena (VIP), close to Jamarat, with 3 meals/cold and hot drinks/fruits.
  • Air-conditioned camp in Arafat with 3 meals/cold and hot drinks.
  • Hajees will be accompanied by Muslim scholars.
  • Free prayer mat.
  • Free medical attention.
  • Free air conditioned buses to visit Historic sites in Makkah and Madina.
  • Free Ihram Towels for men.
  • Free Egyptian cotton hair cover (Hijab) for women.
  • Free traveling handbag (one per customer) in main group.
  • Free Haj kit that hajee needs during Manasek.
  • Free booklet to guide the Hajee to perform Haj.
  • Free backpack & waist belt (one for each Hajee).
  • Free Hajj DVD explaining procedures & rituals.
  • Free pouch to carry all important documents.
  • Free Mena handbag per customer, required to carry on train.
  • Free two nights accommodation in a 5 star hotel in Jeddah.

Package Does Not Include

  • Cost of animal sacrifice (Zabiha) is approximately $150-$160
  • Saudi Government fees for visa ($349) Cashier Check Payable to "Riverside Haj"
    Children between 7-15 years pay $174.50, children under 7 are free.


Regular Program R

Leave Home
21st or 22nd of August
Return Home
5th or 6th of September
You keep your hotel room during Haj Manasek

Gregorian Date Islamic Date Status
12 Aug. 1 D.Hijjah Arrive at Madinah Airport R
12 - 15 Aug. 1 - 4 D.Hijjah Free days to enjoy Al-Haram from your hotel.
15 Aug. 4 D.Hijjah Transfer to Makkah by VIP Private Bus.
15 - 18 Aug. 4 - 8 D.Hijjah Free days to enjoy your hotel in Makkah cross street from Haram.
19 Aug. 8 D.Hijjah Transfer to our camp in Mena near the Jammarat (3 meals will be served).
20 Aug. 9 D.Hijjah Transfer with Train to Arafat camp (meals will be served).
21 Aug. 10 D.Hijjah First day of Eid transfer back, by Train, to our camp in Mena to throw the Jamarat or go back to Makkah to do Tawaf Ifada and Saee (meals will be served).
22 - 23 Aug. 11 - 12 D.Hijjah 2 days of Tashreek (continue your Manasek by throwing Jamarat). Meals will be served.
24 - 25 Aug. 12 - 13 D.Hijjah Transfer to our hotel in Makkah.
25 - 26 Aug. 14 - 15 D.Hijjah Transfer to our hotel in Jeddah.
27 Aug. 16 D.Hijjah Transfer to airport for departure.

Our Mina Camp

Our Camp Other Companies (North American Tents)
Very close to the Jamarat. Very far from the Jamarat.
Our Tents will be remodeled with Dry Walls Regular Tents
Open buffet All days of Mashaier Unknown
Private Buses will have access to Mina. Buses are fully dedicated to our groups. New Model Every Year InshaAllah No Private buses during Mashaier, everything is controlled by the government and Motawifs. First come first serve base. No dedicated buses.
Go To Arafat and back to Muzdalifa and Mina by Train. Buses and not assigned.
100% inside the Islamic legal boundaries of Mina Could be up to 60% outside Mina
Arafat camp is equipped by a high sealing tents with powerful Air- conditioned, food and drinks are served. Regular tents
Muzdalifa Special Place and arrangements Regular
Private bathrooms with modern toilets and showers with less persons per bathroom Old fashion bathrooms, with higher number of persons per bathroom
Our camp in Mina has Air Conditioned plus swamp coolers Only swamp coolers